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Project Description

Footzone Podiatrists are now able to treat all aspects of foot problems from corns, calluses, nails, in-growing toenails to injuries to the feet ie. heel pain, bunion pain etc, There is still a 15 minute gap in between each appointment to allow for stringent cleaning and then the preparation for/triaging of the next patient. And, of course, we still wear all the required PPE. Remember to bring your own mask or face covering, which is necessary for both of our protection.

We’ve included below, a reminder of the treatment guidelines that we will be adhering to, and what you need to be aware of before you come for your appointment.

‘The New Normal’ Covid -19 Guidance for patients

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment and wait outside / in your car
  • At the time of your appointment please ring the doorbell and enter the clinic on your own unless you are u18 or would like a chaperone, in which case please discuss this when making your appointment. Otherwise anyone accompanying you must wait outside.
  • There is a 15 minute gap between appointments to ensure social distancing.
  • You will need to wear a mask / scarf covering over your nose and mouth and ensure that you maintain the 2 metre distance between yourself and any other people as far as possible.
  • You will be triaged at the door before entering. This will include verbal or written consent for receiving podiatry treatment today at your own risk.
  • On entering you will be asked to use the alcohol gel provided before heading to the clinic.
  • Please try not to touch anything in the clinic, and once in the clinic roomremove your own shoes and socks, if possible, ready for treatment.
  • Please be aware that your podiatrist will be wearing a mask and safety glasses, and/or visor throughout the treatment and conversation will need to be limited to your foot condition and any related medical issues. This is to reduce the risk of infection from droplets.
  • All doors will remain open, including windows as far as possible.
  • The nail drill will not be used until further notice, due to the potential for aerosol infection.
  • Hand gel will be available for your use once you have replaced your shoes and socks ready to go to reception.
  • Please pay by contactless card. It maybe useful to have that available in a pocket so that you don’t have to bring any luggage, ie rucksacks, handbags.
  • A new appointment can then be made, and a further hand gel application before leaving the premises.
  • To further minimise risk, the toilet facilities will not be available, unless absolutely necessary.
It all sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? But it’s something we think we are all getting used to as this situation continues. In the meantime, we podiatrists are doing our utmost best to keep you as safe as possible.

We look forward to seeing you all here at the clinic!